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Friday, May 23rd, 2008
2:02 am - been awhile
LJ was calling me tonight.  I don't have much time or I'll never get up in the morning, but I did manage to completely redo my Interests.  They seemed pretty outdated from my current outlook.

There are so many great people in my LJ stream that I could just read all night, but <sigh> I cannot.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some commenting done.


current mood: happy

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
3:16 am
If there is someone that you miss dearly, for any reason, post this exact sentence in your journal. 

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
2:02 am - Seattle/Vegas trip...finally

Heading to Seattle this weekend.  I have a conference, but get to go early to hang around.  Then mid-week, fly to Vegas for friend's 40th (he's old) w/ about 20 others.  I need this vacation badly.  Anybody hanging in either location, give me a shout.


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Thursday, May 24th, 2007
3:54 pm - Lucky the Cat comes home with arrow through head...
Someone needs to have this arrow right back at them.  See <a href="http://www.cnn.com/video/player/player.html?url=/video/us/2007/05/24/murphy.one.lucky.cat.wkyc&wm=11">Lucky</a> the cat.


current mood: annoyed

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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
6:31 am
Interview this morning.  I don't think I want the job, but I've had so many opportunities turn into something completely different than the recruiter described if I actually go through the motions.  At least the office is closer to home...there's always that.


current mood: curious

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Monday, May 14th, 2007
1:25 am - Much Drama on LiveJournal Today
I apparently stumbled into an insidious nest of intrigue between other LJusers while exploring new friends in the LJsphere this week.  Out of town on this trip to see my family, I wasn't as quick on the draw as I could've been since I was away from my computer much of the day -- and was implicated as a co-conspirator in some frustrating and unfortunate feud.


I hope those that have been traded links with me these past years have no doubts in this regard.

Thanks, you all truly brighten my days :)


current mood: lonely

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Thursday, May 10th, 2007
11:44 pm - This Year

I've been on a walkabout this year.  This year I've done things and thought things and felt things I never did before.  This year I've been afraid and speculative and provoked and pained.  This year has been great.  I feel like I've found something I never lost but never had but should've had.  I feel like I'm at the bottom of a hill looking up and its a big hill and I don't care.  It's nice, cuz I was at the top of that lower hill for so long that I thought there was nothing more.  That was stupid.  I was blind or at least resistant.  This new ride looks fun.  It goes pretty high and it should be challenging, but I'm pretty sure I got this.  This year of love.


current mood: indescribable

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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
2:03 pm - Adobe Translation
Any web geeks following the (mindless and way pre-mature) speculation on the Adobe/Macromedia merger (to come)?

Nothing like a good cynical pair of goggles :)



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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
6:55 pm - Judging Animals
Weird thought...

How do you know which animals are bad and which are good. Traditional folklore would tell you that short of rabidity, they are all innocent cute little bunnies. This could be true, I suppose. But it doesn't explain the mischievous or the silent lies or the eating of shoes, etc. And I'm not sure it is all innocent.

We have laws and standards that define the "bad" people, but we have all but let the chihuahua with the expensive victoria's secret fetish off the hook?

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
3:11 pm - The Master List
The master list: There are certainly more, but these are the ones that I recognize as being English atrocities outside of the obvious ebonics and/or blatently uneducated examples that I didn’t bother listing. These are not cute or colloquial...they aren't acceptably southern or regional...they are just wrong, damnit, wrong!

I defy you to find a few that you don’t use yourself. I am ashamed to say I do :(


antartic (Antarctic)
artic (Arctic)
athalete (athlete)
calvary (cavalry)
cannidate (candidate)
card shark (cardsharp)
close (clothes)
comfterble (comfortable)
dialate (dilate)
duck tape (duct tape)
ekcetera (etcetera)
elecTORal (eLECtoral)
electorial (eLECtoral)
excape (escape)
expecially (especially)
expresso (espresso)
febyooary (February)
fedral (federal)
figer (figure)
heighth (height)
heinious (heinous)
hiarchy (hierarchy)
idn’t (isn’t)
jewler (jeweler)
jewlery (jewelry)
laxadaisical (lackadaisical)
liable (libel)
mannaise (mayonnaise)
menstrayshun (menstruation)
miniture (miniature)
minuscule (miniscule)
mischievious (mischievous)
mispronounciation (mispronunciation)
mobyeuhl (mobile)
mute (moot)
nucular (nuclear)
nuculus (nucleus)
ofTen (often) [=offen]
ostensively (ostensibly)
parenthesis (parentheses)
perculate (percolate)
perogative (prerogative)
pitcher (picture)
probly OR prolly (probably)
pronounciation (pronunciation)
realator (realtor)
reoccur (recur)
sherbert (sherbet)
silicone (silicon)
snuck (sneaked)
spade (spay)
supposably OR supposively (supposedly)
Tiajuana (Tijuana)
triathalon (triathlon)
upmost (utmost)
zoo-ology (zoology)


“For all intensive purposes” (for all intents and purposes)
“A blessing in the skies” (a blessing in disguise)
“bob wire” OR “barb wire” (barbed wire)
“spitting image” (spit and image)
“take for granite” (take for granted)
“a ways to go” (a way to go)

Oh...and by the way...irregardless and inflammable are both perfectly wonderful words...haters!


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Friday, February 4th, 2005
4:19 pm - New Motto
The world must comply...or kick my ass collectively.


current mood: devious

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
4:39 pm - Anatomy of a bar tab...

Sub-Total 83.70
TAX 1.46
Total 85.16

Person A admits to:
Pot Roast, Hefeweizen(1), and Crown Royal(3)

Person B admits to:
Johnny Walker(1) and Crown Royal(5-6)

Person C admits to:
Beef Dip, Hefeweizen(1), Jack Daniels(1), and Crown Royal(2-3)

Further information: Waitress is presented with this dilemma and the house folds. She says this is what they have and they have no way of changin the tab.

What is the proper tab splitting etiquette? Somebody got lucky, but who? Where is there a settlment to be had?


current mood: amused

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Monday, January 31st, 2005
1:31 am
Ask me 5 questions.

Any five - no matter how personal, private, or random.

I have to answer them honestly.
I have to answer them all.

In turn, you post this message in your own journal & you have to answer the questions that are asked.

...I am a sucker for games Miss Glare

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12:07 am - Memory Packet
Watching an old movie, I became aware of little things that triggered memories that I had forgotten. Suddenly, I began remembering public parks, and sounds, and scenes from places all over. The unique color of grass in sunny memories and playing in the rain with its distinct blue and gray colors; being naked as a child was acute. Smells don't come so easily, and like many memories are dull and wrinkled around the edges and they come in splashes or short spurts that make you wonder one second later if they really came at all.

And this made me think of a big collage made from all these memories, put on a great big wall, maybe all the walls, and the ceiling and floor until the pictures and recordings and implied smells overlapped just so. You would eventually only see fragments of the memories below the surface as they were layered and layered, deeper and deeper. There would show foreheads, maybe, and hands and smiles and swatches of clothing. Each little piece would be in my head as a whole, but shown on the walls as just these fragments.

The realization that there is no way to capture all of this is very painful. There is no way to save all of it. I can internalize a lot and communicate some, and if I'm lucky, even teach and impart some abstract meaning to someone else, keeping the spirit of some essence of some portion alive in its new obscurity. But no amount of collecting of napkin writings, or books received as gifts, or all the endless digital pictures will keep it all. There will be loss and the history will be warped in conversation and recollection. And I'm not sure it is fair.

We need a memory packet that we can store on some seemingly endless media device that can be archived and backed up and renewed AND transmitted to others..to you. Underlined and annotated by me. Nothing short of that will ever be fair.


current mood: nostalgic

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
12:30 am - Hurt
My Sweetest Friend

This is a message to all of you. I am going to add this to my vocabulary. This could be the greatest compliment to give someone you care about. "My Sweetest Friend"

Use that in a random sentence...fantastic.


current mood: peaceful

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Monday, January 3rd, 2005
1:26 pm - Friend's 35th Birthday
What appears to be rug burn, but is actually concrete burn on my right temple and cheek. Strange bruising on my left bicep and chest. Blood vessel ruptured in my left eye. No particular understanding of the human bite mark on my chest. Sore fingers, elbow scrape, and miscellaneous sore muscles to round out the package.

Top Ten Reasons I am sticking with:
1. Picture it...The real Ben & Jerry...Cage match...who could pass that up?
2. Can't talk about it...currently in litigation
3. Never underestimate a little person with 4 fingers on his left hand
4. I'll never understand why I like red heads
5. I'm trying something new...you likey?
6. Hemorrhoids...they flare up
7. Warning: If you make that face long enough, it will stay that way forever
8. My weekly blood sacrifice got out of hand
9. Note to self: Hire a body guard next time you cash in the winning Texas lotto ticket
10. The first rule of Fight Club is...

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
5:04 pm - So, I must wax corporate…
It has come to my attention that the known universe is shifting toward non-confrontationalism and, thereby, attempting to avoid ownership of said universe’s own shit.

To Explain:
Customer A notifies Support Group A Member (Member A) that there is a problem with a support issue related to Team X’s overall support of Customer A’s group. This particular area of support is identified as Support Group B’s issue type. Member A goes to Manager B and explains the problem. Manager B informs Member A that the B group is aware of the problem and that it is on the LIST of items to fix. Manager B will not commit to what else is officially on the LIST, what the overall timeline for the LIST is, what order or priority Customer A’s issue is on the LIST or a specific commitment to fixing Customer A’s issue within any arbitrary timeline. It is on the LIST…it will be addressed when it is addressed.

Member A is a customer service oriented person. Senior Manager A (not shown) touts loudly in recent meetings about how customer service is a number one priority. Senior Manager A supports the overall support ideal of the LIST and the fact that the LIST priority and communications thereof are not available to Customer A or to any other Customer as a matter of operational process.

Member A enlists Manager A’s wisdom to come to a satisfactory dialogue to give to Customer A. Manager A (and all Manager’s) specifically forbid Members from telling Customers that the LIST is unavailable to them. Also, Member’s must be very careful not to characterize Customer issues with potential failure as this will make the entire Team X look bad (just like communism).

1. Customer A is screwed
2. Manager B cares less
3. Manager A only cares but only about Group A as it applies to Manager A
4. Member A could be in something deep if Member A helps Customer A in any real way
5. Customer A is screwed

1. Member A could follow the teachings of bad 80’s movies and do the right thing for Customer A with no regard for self and, of course, Super Chairman of the Board A will take notice and have Member A put in charge of the whole company because of the shining beacon of light that has been displayed.
2. Member A could give Customer A some non-committal BS and join the ranks of the scum-sucking-communistas surrounding the whole of Team X.
3. Or…

…What I would do:

Go to Manager B and force commitment. Member A should not take it personally in any way that justice is not immediately served here. By the same token, Member A should serve Customer A with an answer. The answer cannot be politically divulging of any Team X incompetence. Member A should ask Manager B what they would tell Customer A. Manager B will state to tell Customer A that the issue is on the LIST (mostly because Manager B won’t have to do this him/herself so there is no pain or direct accountability to Customer A). Member A should then clarify with Manager B, “Ok, no problem, I don’t know if I want to make sure I am following you.” This should be said without any obvious condescension. “Customer A’s issue is on the LIST,” as if taking dictation, “and the issue will be resolved when it is resolved. If they have any questions with this they should contact you, correct?”

Manager B will then respond with one of the following:
1. “I’ll talk to Customer A.” – Member A is off the hook (Gosh thanks kind manager…have a nice day)
2. “They should have no reason to contact me. The problem is on the LIST.” – this is very savvy A-Hole politics using Manager B’s position to imply that it would be unwise for Member A to tell Customer A to contact Manager B without the need to actually say so or take ownership of this situation either. This situation should be followed up with further clarification that Customer A should be told that Manager B should not be contacted. Manager B will make some veiled comment to dodge this statement. Clarification should confirm his new dodge, etc. This is 90% of the fun of corporate politics, right here. If you don’t see this as fun, you are doing it wrong. Leave your emotions at the door.
3. “As a support organization, we have some higher level goals than Customer A’s immediate request. Please assure them that we are working diligently to handle their needs…” -- Ah, the philosophical believer. This Manager B really is an A-Hole. The best approach is o slyly discover whether this person really believes this is the best approach or is just really good at corporate politics. If they believe it, they are the worst case scenario. Either tell Customer A exactly what Manager B said and act dumb when the doodoo hits the fan OR qualify them ad-nauseum until they tire of dealing with you (see #2). If Manager B is simply toeing the party line for typical bureaucratic effect, throw it back in Manager B’s face. “Help me help Customer A. They deserve our best efforts. As a team, I believe we can come up with a solution to give them what they need…” Calls Manager B’s bluff (then refer to1 or 2 as the response comes).

There are many other variations including telling Manager B that you have been instructed, speaking generally, by your Manager A to pass this issue off to Manager B. Could Manager B, please contact Manager A with any concerns. This one precludes any general promotion you saw in your future, however. Slyly getting Customer A to request a conference call with Manager B’s team under the guise that you can help them facilitate is a good one, too, and allows you to bow at the appropriate interval having proven your desire to help Customer A.

“It has come to my attention that the known universe is shifting toward non-confrontationalism and, thereby, attempting to avoid ownership of said universe’s own shit.”

Do Not let the Manager B’s of the world screw your Customer A. Do Not let the Manager B’s of the world disassociate themselves from the mess they have created. Clarify, qualify, re-hash, and smile while doing it.

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
10:08 am
Well, looks like my new favorite band got hacked er somethin...

Ignore the images on recent posting...they are in the process of restoring...I hope...

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
12:39 am - I mean really...
I saw a world today where compatibility is obvious and tied to us physiologically.

The heart can sense the compatibility of those around you; whether you are at a baseball game, a grocery store, or in the office on a typical work day, this beacon of understanding is part of your awareness.

One can instantly sense a (potential) friend, enemy, lover, acquaintance, (so called) asshole, etc. This knowledge is imprinted uniquely on the permanent record of your/their heart and its presence leaves you with a sort of wisdom that grows as you cross paths with more and more people. If you are benevolent, insulting, lazy, helpful, screw over a friend, or ignore a potential love, you are marked intrinsically, karmically with a similar imprint.

Much like the world we have today where memory and emotional triggers are stored toward whatever psychological ends we eventually meet, this world would do so more consistently. People could not hide in non-confrontational little holes and we would be forced to deal with the people all around.

I'm not quite sure we wouldn't simply begin disposing of our neighbors, but after all the fallout, I believe the strong would survive and the roads might be a little clearer during rush hour AND stupidity might actually become painful.

current mood: calm

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
4:42 pm - The Flametrick Subs

I have long been a fan of RockABilly (Social D, Social D!)

I don't know that they consider themselves RockABilly, but I found the similarity.

Anyway...caught a band this weekend called The Flametrick Subs
On further research, they've been around forever, but I'd never heard of them

I especially enjoyed the Psycho-stylings of Satan's Cheerleaders:

What stage presence...nice!!!

current mood: bouncy

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